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Noizescreamer is a polish DJ and music producer. His first released track 'Nights And Sunrises' appeared on

 'Mental Strain/Nights And Sunrises' vinyl. But before this single he created many unreleased tracks like for example:

 'New Millennium Clubbing', 'Lost In Mind' or remix of Rockin Junior's track 'Electric World Rules'.

DJ Noizescreamer a.k.a. DJ Exim is known for tracks like: 'Freedom', 'State Of Emergency' or 'Stigmatic'.

First single 'Mental Strain/Nights And Sunrises' comes into existance in april 2007 and was released one month later

in Netherlands. Second release and first album 'Stigmatic' was released on July 2007. Now it's time to show You a new

production: 'Excite/Mental Strain'. This CD single contains new version of 'Mental Strain' and two versions of 'Excite'

production. If You want to get newest information about Noizescreamer, visit this site regular!



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